Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How a Casserole Set brought my wife and me closer?

A secret to keeping the  temperature of the home cool, is to ensure that the kitchen be up to the likings of the lady of the house.

It was with great difficulty that I had managed to scoop out a holiday from my busy work schedule the other day. Actually, ever since I had  purchased our first house, though a small two bedroom flat, I was burning the candle at both ends to pay off the instalments. That left me with little time for my wife. So I took a day off and we decided to have some friends over for the evening.

In the morning, as we travelled across the market, planning to fill our kitchen with the basic utensils and crockeries, we came across casserole sets designed especially for microwaves. Interesting as they seemed, we came across a couple of names in the game like Tupperware, Maple Exports, Titan scales and many more.

However it was the sight of one beautiful casserole set so finely designed and so aesthetically appealing that you would want to glide your hand along its curves. And yes, we did just that. It was this casserole set from MyBorosil which had arrested us!

As it is said, your intuition guides you to what you need. We brought it home.

By the time we reached home, it was late. We were running short of time as our friends were to pour in shortly. The food wasn't ready. My wife hurriedly cooked my favorite lasagna in the microwave and dashed it with some cheesy toppings. I must credit her for being able to squeeze in two more dishes, preparing them in our microwave.

As the table was laid out and the dishes rested in our new  casserole set, it just stole the show.
Not only for my wife and me but it also grabbed the eyeballs of our friends  when they arrived and who couldn’t stop praising our choice.

Next comes the most important aspect. Our friends strolled in an hour later than usual. We then got lost in conversation for the next  two hours. However, at dinner, the food in the casserole which my wife had  cooked just made our senses come alive. It seemed as though it had been  just cooked then. Incidentally, it has been already over five hours by then since the time it was cooked.

After our friends were gone, we were cleaning up the dishes, Suddenly, my wife put her arms around me in a loving embrace. Reason? Does one need a reason? All I can say , it was one of a kind in a long time!
Our new entrant, our MyBorosil microwavable casserole, allowed me to put a smile on my wife’s face and thus control the climate of our home. She was happy , what more did I need? That too when   it turned out to be well within my means, absolutely no tugs on my pocket. I found out that I can be smarter. Instead of going out in the market,  I can shop online as well from the comfort of my home. Casserole set online shopping from MyBorosil makes it more convenient for anyone.

My idea of sharing my experience is to pass on the same happiness and benefits that I derived from buying just a casserole set from MyBorosil. While the set incorporates not only head turning looks but in terms of functionality, it stands class par excellence. No wonder my wife was impressed all the more for the purpose that it served. The food stays fresh as ever, even long after it’s been cooked.

While the above reasons were the practical purposes, our delightful rendezvous with MyBorosil Casserole is passed on with the hope that  another couple shall share a warm embrace and rekindle their love, just the way we did!