Thursday, 30 May 2013

Skills Required By An ASP.NET Developer

If you are interested in pursuing a career as dedicated ASP.NET Developer it is very important to find out what really the job role implies and what responsibilities are involved. So before deciding that this is the best choice for you it is a good idea to find out every detail pertaining to the job role. Reviewing a sample job description can be the best way to determine whether you have the skills necessary to succeed in this highly technical line of work. Whenever you are choosing any job role for yourself always ensure that it is an informed decision.

The companies hiring dedicated ASP.NET Developer for web applications typically expect the employees to perform the following responsibilities and fulfill the following tasks on a regular basis:
  • Appropriate system analysis and design
  • Integrate the knowledge of the business as well as the customers into the given design
  • Appropriate coding for development, maintenance and functionality updates
  • Skill and knowledge to work with C#, SQL, MySQL, and other related development tools
  • Must have the ability to test new as well as existing applications
  • Must have the skills to maximize the usability for end customers
  • Should have appropriate knowledge about system installation and maintenance
  • Should know how to integrate new technologies into the system design
  • Must have the ability to give the end users training and technical assistance
  • On site and remote maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Flexibility to work on both intranet and extranet design projects
  • He should also have the skills necessary for project management
  • Dedicated developer must also have the skill to create well written and understandable technical documentation
  • He should have the ability to work and coordinate with cross departmental teams
Having all the above mentioned skills along with the zeal to work and perform is very important to pursue a career as an ASP.NET Developer.